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Our Story

One is a self-taught artist.

The other is an advertising maverick.  

Varun and Rahul, are both drawn towards moulding narratives for perspective shifts through content and films.

Varun is a veteran hybrid advertising professional with a deep

understanding of digital, social and marketing.

While Rahul playing the part of an “attentive observer” he experiments with storytelling and in the process has created his own unique style.

They have a combined industry cred of 16 years, building some of India’s most celebrated brands.

Varun and Rahul have come together and believe that like individuals organisations must have a purpose beyond profit and great work is deep rooted in stories made from common strands of human emotion which when strum, resonate with everyone from all walks of life .

To feed their insatiable hunger for creating great work and in the process have brought them together to create their own juxtaposed proposition.

Brands we worked for

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