Last workshop of 2016

So after a long wait here it is. The final – ‘Phone film-making workshop‘ of 2016

It has been an amazing year interacting with lovely people all over the country and we are back in Delhi for the final event of the year at “Blue Tokai”

For all those who love film making and are passionate about telling stories, this is the event to understand the tools of communication that we carry with us and to learn how to express ourselves through a medium that has a potential to replace some of the best video capturing devices out there. Our Phones.

We carry a complete film studio in our pockets everyday and everywhere, the workshop is about learning the limitations of the phone and sharing some clever tricks and tips that can get you started on making some super epic films, over some biscuits and coffee.

We are happy to collaborate with “Blue Tokai” for this workshop and look forward to spreading the love of film making with you all. So go ahead register yourself at our website and explore the latent features of your phone.

For any queries please contact us here. Else write to or call/whatsapp 999 962 8966